Maria & Cec – Pullenvale
Now having worked with Kim a second time. First using Kim to fully redesign their holiday unit then engaging Kim again to design the kitchen in their home. 

Jeff  – St Lucia


I chose Kim Duffin to renovate my apartment as I had viewed his concepts and displays over many years and was always impressed that he was at the forefront of the industry in not just Australia, but internationally, with his designs.


One of the biggest advantages of using Kim was that I dealt with a single person who took charge of the entire project, so although many tasks required sub-contracted trades, I always had a dedicated project manager who arranged and organized every aspect of my renovation.


The redesigned bathrooms were amazing – utilising the limited space incredibly well and with little touches such as LED lighting and cabinetry that was seamless with the theme introduced in the kitchen and living areas.


All of the cabinetry was completed to a borderline obsessive compulsive level of perfection – even the valuer was impressed with the artisan craftsmanship when he couldn’t work out which drawer in the kitchen was the dishwasher!


Kylie – Mount Nebo


I had strong views as to how I envisioned my new home in regards to the interiors.  I had purchased and read numerous (mountains)books and magazines.  A number of magazines showcased Kim Duffin’s and Sublimes work, so I made an appointment to meet Kim.  We were on the same wavelength from start.  This was extremely important to me. We worked with Kim during the planning stage then through to the completion of the build.


Having one person to deal with throughout the entire project saved time, money and energy as I did not have to liaise with different people on ideas, materials and/or spaces changed throughout the process.  Any issues that arose were generally solved on the spot.


It is difficult to pick any one design, material or fitting as I love everything.  However, if I had to, I would choose the kitchen as it is the area of the house that live in.   The design is exactly what I was after, working so well for the way we live.  The beauty of the kitchen lies in its simplicity. The Acrylic used in the bench front is gorgeous as is the steel surround and the wooden inserts in the ceiling.